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With this cool +11 trainer released for the action role playing game Torchlight 2  you’ll be able to make use of many useful cheat codes: infinite health, infinite mana, infinite gold, infinite experiences, infinite skilpoints; increase strength, increase dexterity, increase focus; increase vitality, gold..

Note: This cheat will work with the retail 1.0 version of the game Torchlight 2

Features of Torchlight 2 PC Trainer/Cheat

  • UPDATED   on  September  21th, 2012
  • Work on all versions of the game
  • Applicable to Steam/Retail, NO-CD, Multiplayer and online versions
  • Easy to use: Simply run it and you are ready to go
  • Do not crash the the game like other trainers- you can run it for hours without any error
  • Rated Number#1 Torchlight 2 Trainer/Cheat
  • User friendly. Each Trainer/Cheat is accompanied with a simple user guide
  • Compat: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Numpad 1: Unlimited Health – while this is on you cannot be killed

Numpad 2: Unlimited Mana – while this is on your mana regenerates nearly instantly.

Numpad 3: Super Speedtoggle on and you move much more quickly.

Numpad 4: Add Goldeach press adds more.

Numpad 5: Add XPeach press adds more.

Numpad 6: Add Fameeach press adds more.

Numpad 7: Change Fame Titleeach press changes your Fame rank to the next highest level.  

Numpad 8: Add Stats Pointseach press adds more.

Numpad 9: Add Spells Pointseach press adds more.

Numpad 0: Super Petpress this key and your pet has super high health.  This may reset between levels and quitting the game.

Numpad *: Weak Targetwhichever target your mouse is over will drop to very low health if you press this key while that target is highlighted.


1. First, that you will make ” extract rar file “. Next step is ” Open Trainer. ”
2. Then, you can choose +11 trainer options in Torchgliht 2 Game
3. Run Trainer.
4. You”ll get the PC Trainer or Cheat now and you can play the game.

Scanned – 100% clean file



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